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My Computer is my R&D lab

Things move fast in the technology sector. Developments come in quick succession and every step forward involves overcoming challenges and solving problems. When it comes to claiming R&D Tax Credits, understanding which projects and activities qualify is the key to getting the most from them.

Examples include:

  • Developing faster, more efficient algorithms.
  • Creating new architectures or codes.
  • Writing new APIs or improving existing ones.
  • Blending existing technologies in new ways.
  • Improving performance, capability or reliability.
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Quad Vision: Looking Deeper, Seeing Further

RIFT was quickly able to pick out a large number of qualifying activities for Quad Vision, a company that was previously unaware they were able to claim, resulting in qualifying expenditure of £42,311.07

Following an initial consultation it was apparent that Quad Vision’s custom video wall projects required a great deal of innovative work on both the hardware and software sides but, like so many other businesses, they’d been missing out on R&D tax relief for years before being put in touch with RIFT by an introducer.

Following a further in-depth meeting it emerged that the value of their qualifying activity was far beyond Quad Vision’s early expectations, and really underscores how valuable R&D Tax Credits can be – even to companies who never even considered claiming before.

Quad Vision are leading edge AV specialists who deliver technical display solutions to a wide range of sectors.


Reference Point: Putting You on the R&D Map

By demystifying R&D Tax Credits and uncovering the intricate details in Reference Point’s projects, RIFT built them a 2018 claim for £750k of qualifying expenditure.

Reference Point’s 2018 innovations included new software for construction site turnstiles, using information from qualifications, health and safety training and drugs test results to determine whether someone should be given access to site, while meeting GDPR requirements and working with existing hardware. Another project involved improvements to a course booking platform, enabling companies to sell surplus training slots and allowing people to download training results to their skills cards.

Reference Point has worked with RIFT for several years, boosting their understanding and identification of eligible projects and activity - leading to detailed, optimised claims. Reference Point specialises in solutions for managing workforces and ensuring safety regulations are adhered to. Their rail projects in the UK and Australia ensure the safety of over 100,000 rail workers, and they provide the technology behind the CSCS smartcard.

Reference Point
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