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R&D Claims require stringent adherence to HMRC "Guidelines on the Meaning of Research and Development for Tax Purposes".

If there are legitimate grounds for a claim, you need to ensure that these meet HMRC's qualifying criteria, clearly explained in accordance with the guidelines.

Recommended for companies that have:

  • Reservations around the accuracy/legitimacy of a claim or reason to believe that the claim has not been maximised in any of the 3 below situations...

  • Self-Submission

    Completed the claim yourself.

  • Accountant Submission

    Your accountant made the claim on your behalf.

  • Third Party

    Your claim was completed by another supplier.

  • Cost


Should you wish to take full precautionary measures to ensure a compliant submission, our specialist team of R&D tax consultants are on hand to assist and ultimately help to avoid an enquiry, rejection of a claim or worst case scenario, a penalty fine.

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