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News - 07 Dec 2020

RIFT R&D End of Year Round-Up 2020

When we look back at 2020, it’s easy to see no further than the disruption and anguish that has been caused to many businesses and families, not just in the UK, but around the world too. However, it is out of these most testing of times where people are forced to rethink and reimagine the future, which is where new paths of discovery are found. The reality is, many of history’s greatest innovations came out of the most disruptive of times, after all, there is no rainbow without the rain.

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News - 10 Sep 2020
The Future of UK Wind Energy

The UK has planted its flag firmly on the renewable energy technology scene – and it’s not just blowing hot air. Right now, close to a third of the country’s energy comes from renewable sources. Of that, over half comes in the form of wind power.

News - 20 Aug 2020
The Rise of Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is more about how you think than what you make. Advanced manufacturing businesses are independent but integrated, globally active but conscious of their local environments. Most of all, they innovate – and with that innovation comes risk that must be managed.

News - 10 Aug 2020
Engineering Tomorrow’s Industry: Automotive Innovation

In the fast-moving automotive sector, it’s no longer a question of whether business can afford to innovate. The new question is, how long can they afford not to?

News - 15 Jul 2020
Architectural Innovation in a Socially Distanced World

There’s nothing like a crisis to focus the mind, and in the world of architecture the COVID-19 pandemic is throwing a sharp spotlight on architectural innovation. The impact of social distancing is a much broader topic than simply shuffling the furniture around inside a building and throwing up a few cautionary signs. Around the world, we’re starting to realise that keeping each other at arm’s length is an obstacle to be faced in every walk of life.

News - 01 Jul 2020
Building Efficiency and the Future of Construction

With 2030 presenting a hard deadline for mitigating the worst, most irreversible effects of global climate change, the clock is most definitely ticking. Given that the UK’s built environment is responsible for an estimated 45% of the country’s total carbon emissions on its own, it makes sense to focus a significant amount of attention, investment and innovation there.

News - 08 Jun 2020
The Challenge of Green Manufacturing

All over the world, entire sectors are finding and refining ways to “green up their act” without sacrificing competitiveness or growth. The balance isn’t always an easy one to strike, but climate change is likely to go down as the defining challenge of our times so the pressure is only building.

News - 15 May 2020
Construction, Innovation and COVID-19

It would be difficult to overstate the challenges facing the UK’s pivotal construction industry right now. With a declining skills base, a workforce that’s aging out of the sector, the still-uncertain Brexit fallout and now a global pandemic to deal with, it’s no surprise that construction’s suffering its worst slump in memory - but as one of the most innovative sectors in the UK there's still hope for the future.

News - 05 May 2020
Medtech Innovation and the Challenge of COVID-19

When we talk about medtech, a lot of the time we put the emphasis on the glamorous cutting edge where innovation borders on science fiction. However, as COVID-19 has demonstrated on a global scale, innovation can be every bit as much about expanding capacity under pressure, broadening definitions along with horizons

News - 29 Apr 2020
R&D Funding and Bridging Loans

With the UK’s economy on a pilot light until further notice, it’s more important than ever that you take every funding opportunity seriously. The trouble is, when the going’s uncertain, many of the traditional lenders and investors you’d be looking at start getting cold feet. With the money drying up all around, businesses are looking beyond their normal financing comfort zones – and it turns out there’s still quite a lot to find out there.