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Our track record.

Our consultants have a great track record in R&D tax credit claims, and we're as excited about your projects as you are. We're here to guide you through the process of identifying and making your claims with:

  • Friendly, expert and jargon-free advice.
  • Support every step of the way.
  • Minimum hassle.

We work closely with you to help you get to grips with R&D tax credits. If you have a claim, we make sure you get the most out of it, whether in tax refunds or cash payments. Our clients think of us as more than just a paid service, and we're proud that our dedication and expertise make us a vital part of their teams.

Research and Development tax credits are helping thousands of companies to innovate, but too many businesses still don't realise that they even qualify.

RIFT Research specialise in making innovation pay, use our R&D tax credit calculator to get a quick estimate of how much you could claim.

We are more than your average R&D outfit

The R&D tax credit scheme is especially rewarding, but it is also a very technical subject. With many years experience working within the R&D scheme, we're in a privileged position to help businesses recognise their R&D potential.

With a nurturing approach, RIFT R&D go an extra step by:

  • Offering regular visits to your premises to discuss, review and capture R&D activity as needed, to maximise your benefit.
  • Creating bespoke data capturing methods tailored to your business, to capture future R&D activities undertaken without being disruptive to your business.
  • Carrying out as much of your R&D leg work as possible. From identifying eligible projects, we carry your R&D baton through writing technical narratives and crunching those notoriously difficult R&D calculations. 

“RIFT have provided a very personal and engaging service by quickly understanding our business and any innovation tax credit opportunities, resulting in 2 very successful tax credit claims!”

Jonathan Exall Finance & Marketing Director
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News - 12 Jul 2022

Against this backdrop, agricultural innovation is a key factor in the UK’s entire levelling-up programme, with ground-breaking work going on constantly in creating a more streamlined, productive and sustainable sector. We’re not just seeing incremental improvements and developments, either. From hydroponic farms that require no soil to produce crops to vertical farming technologies, Agritech innovators are expanding the very definition of agriculture itself.

News - 15 Jun 2022

Given its still-significant reliance on an ageing workforce and the oncoming skills shortfall cliff-edge, it would be easy to mischaracterise UK construction as having dug itself too deeply into outdated methods and technologies to gain the full rewards of innovation. However, the ongoing challenges of the job have kept the building trade perpetually positioned at the very forefront of innovative developments, from initial designs through to final products.

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