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Working With RIFT Tax Credits

We are proud to work alongside individuals, partnerships and institutional bodies to help share the benefit of the R&D tax relief scheme. With a gentle hand holding approach, we help you or your members maximise their return on R&D tax relief, or simply just offer a common-sense check for any would-be claimant. With are friendly approach and expert knowledge, we're helping more businesses than ever before access the R&D scheme and realise its full potential.

Working with RIFT Tax Credits means:

  • Adding real value to your service.
  • Unlocking the hidden value of your clients' innovations, to their businesses and yours.
  • Accessing full training and support for both your clients and you.

We work with

  • Accountancy firms
    Many accountants don't have the time to dedicate to R&D claims or the in-house specialist knowledge it takes to make the most of them. More than just your referral fee, partnering with RIFT Tax Credits adds a vital new string to your bow.

  • Small Business Advisors
    From high street bank relationship managers to executive coaches and funding consultants, we cross-refer clients to get them the best help available - boosting our partner advisors' services in the process.

  • Independent Financial Advisors
    IFAs invest their client’s money or advise on tax-efficient ways to protect future earnings. Referral fees from R&D tax relief give a welcome additional income and add a key service to their range of products and offerings.

  • Patent Attorneys
    Patent applications can be expensive and time-consuming. R&D tax relief can take the sting out of the patent process, so our patent attorney partners often refer their clients to us for help.

  • Introducers
    If you're advising small businesses in any capacity, there's a lot RIFT Tax Credits can do to add value to your service and enhance relationships with your clients. Whatever field your clients are in, there's a good chance they're not getting full credit for their innovations.

  • Membership Bodies
    RIFT Tax Credits can help Membership Bodies support their members by ensuring their innovations are rewarded. The ability to hand complex queries over to specialists well practiced in handling R&D is a benefit your members will appreciate.

Want to know more about how we can help? Contact us by sending an email at or by calling the team on 01233 653008.

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