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It's 4 easy steps

If you're breaking through barriers and pushing back boundaries in your business, then you could be due Research and Development Tax Relief.

  1. 1

    We Research:

    Our expert teams unearth the hidden value of your work.

  2. 2

    We Review:

    HMRC needs to understand your vision. We speak their language.

  3. 3

    We Deliver:

    With your input, we will prepare your claim and back it up with rock-solid evidence for you to submit.

  4. 4

    We Support:

    We fight your corner until your claim’s paid.

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Why Claim With Us?

The R&D tax credit scheme is incredibly rewarding, but it is also a very technical subject. Having claimed for companies of all shapes and sizes from nearly every industry known to man, we are in a privileged position to help businesses right across the UK get the credit they deserve for their innovative and most challenging projects.

RIFT Tax Credits are here to be different, with a nurturing approach, we help our clients by:

  • Offering regular visits for larger businesses with more complex R&D needs, to review and capture R&D activity as needed and to maximise their benefit.
  • Creating bespoke data capturing methods tailored to your business, to capture future R&D activities undertaken without being disruptive to your business.
  • Carrying out as much of your R&D leg work as possible. From identifying eligible projects, we carry your R&D baton through writing technical narratives and crunching those notoriously difficult R&D calculations. 

Meet our team of R&D tax credit specialists.

How much does it cost to claim R&D Tax Credits?

  • We don’t charge unless you receive a benefit, so it’s risk-free for you.
  • Our fee covers a completely end-to-end service. We don’t tie you into fixed-term agreements and there are no hidden extras.
  • What's more, we would only ever proceed with a claim knowing that is qualifies under HMRCs legislation. If we are not confident that it qualifies, we wouldn't proceed with your claim.

We charge our fee as a percentage of the benefit you receive. Because of this, you only pay after you’ve received your payable credit and/or Corporation Tax reduction.

“RIFT have provided a very personal and engaging service by quickly understanding our business and any innovation tax credit opportunities, resulting in 2 very successful tax credit claims!”

Jonathan Exall - Finance & Marketing Director

Working long-term with clients allows RIFT to continually improve the personalised service provided, with an in-depth understanding that frequently leads to additional R&D being discovered in often unexplored places.

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Our technical teams specialise in hunting down all your qualifying R&D costs and turning them into a serious financial boost for your business.

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