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R&D Tax Credits For Architects
My Designs Are My R&D Lab

You don’t need to be running a laboratory to qualify for R&D Tax Credits. If you’re solving real-world problems in your sector, you could have a valuable claim.

Examples of qualifying activity:

  • Designing bespoke features.
  • Testing, prototyping and improving energy efficiency
  • Working with heritage or listed structures.
  • Tackling acoustic, thermal or light requirements.
  • Using existing techniques in new ways.
  • Seeking BREEAM, Passivhaus or LEED certification.
Discover your R&D tax credit eligibility

Why Work With Us?

The R&D tax credit scheme is an especially rewarding, but it is also a very technical subject. With many years experience under our belt working within R&D, we're in a privileged position to have helped architects and related construction sectors maximise their R&D tax relief.

With a nurturing approach, RIFT Tax Credits go an extra step by:

  • Offering regular visits to your premises if needed to discuss, review and capture R&D activity as needed, to maximise your benefit.
  • Creating bespoke data capturing methods tailored to your business, to capture future R&D activities undertaken without being disruptive to your business.
  • Carrying out as much of your R&D leg work as possible. From identifying eligible projects, we carry your R&D baton through writing technical narratives and crunching those notoriously difficult R&D calculations. 

Real examples of R&D within the Architecture industry

Example 1:

  • Nature of R&D: Novel architectural solutions
  • Overview: A number of innovative projects were undertaken including the provision of a natural sanctuary environment for three beluga whales – the first in the world -, previously held in captivity, thus unsuitable for release into the wild. Provision for a puffin hospital, a Puffling (fledging puffin) hotel and a Puffin exhibit.
  • Eligible expenditure identified: £429,977.51
  • Tax relief generated: £81,695.73

Example 2:

  • Nature of R&D: Specialist design works.
  • Overview: The design specialists engaged in a number of innovative projects, including challenging builds on restrictive heritage sites; unique projects, such as a rotating home, undertaken for Channel 4, and a fully-equipped office space contained within a Nissan van.
  • Eligible expenditure identified by RIFT: £84,396
  • Tax relief generated: £12,783

Example 3:

  • Nature of R&D: Novel architectural solutions
  • Overview: A number of innovative projects were undertaken including demolishing and replacing the existing, run down extensions to the Corbett Theatre in a way that did not impact on the theatre’s structural integrity. The new buildings also needed to be designed and built in such a way as to compliment the theatre and be in keeping with the surrounds whilst complying with strict Grade II limitations.
  • Eligible expenditure identified by RIFT: £2,357,902.77
  • Tax relief generated: £448,001.51
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Our technical teams specialise in hunting down all your qualifying R&D costs and turning them into a serious financial boost for your business.

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