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Manufacturing R&D Tax Credits
"My factory is my R&D lab"

New or adapted materials are being devised to meet the demands of legislation around safety and health concerns – meaning R&D in manufacturing can be as much about the chemicals and processes you’re no longer using as the newer ones you are.

Examples of qualifying work include:

  • CNC machining programming costs, where existing solutions aren’t appropriate.
  • Development and testing of prototype products and the specialised tools required to produce them.
  • Working with new or alternative materials to make your products more efficient, safer or easier to recycle.
  • Formulation and testing of new protective ceramic coatings for use across a number of industries.
R&D tax credit calculator

Real examples of R&D within the Manufacturing industry

Example 1:

  • Nature of R&D: Develop a range of new baby products that benefit the infant’s welfare.
  • Overview: new materials were tried and tested in order to develop and bring to market products which have previously never been attempted due to the health risks with previous materials.
  • Eligible expenditure identified by RIFT: £132,593.63
  • Tax relief generated: £44,219.98

Example 2:

  • Nature of R&D: Innovative teaching aids and Electronic Data Interchange software.
  • Overview: Continued developments: custom EDI software for advanced integration with logistics systems; new whiteboards using novel materials; a system of gamified educational resources; an electric laminator extensively adapted for the education market.
  • Eligible expenditure identified by RIFT: £734,621
  • Tax relief generated: £187,687

We are more than your average R&D outfit

The R&D tax credit scheme is an especially rewarding scheme, but it is also a very technical subject. With many years experience working within the R&D scheme, we're in a privileged position have helped many manufacturing businesses of all sizes, right across the UK.

With our team of dedicated R&D experts, we go an extra step by:

  • Offering regular visits to your premises to discuss, review and capture R&D activity as needed, to maximise your benefit.
  • Creating bespoke data capturing methods tailored to your business, to capture future R&D activities undertaken without being disruptive to your business.
  • Carrying out as much of your R&D leg work as possible. From identifying eligible projects, we carry your R&D baton through writing technical narratives and crunching those notoriously difficult R&D calculations. 

“RIFT have provided a very personal and engaging service by quickly understanding our business and any innovation tax credit opportunities, resulting in 2 very successful tax credit claims!”

Jonathan Exall - Finance & Marketing Director
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