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A tree growing out of a glass sphere
News - 07 Jun 2021

Technology and its role in sustainability has been gaining pace over the last few years. And partly thanks to the pandemic, innovative tech is reaching the market quicker than ever before. A shift in the way we’re working and living and a new appreciation for our environment is driving demand for faster, more sophisticated, and sustainable solutions. And the focus on a green recovery is unlocking funding to make innovation possible. There has never been a better time for sustainable technology. But how is technology supporting and shaping sustainability? Its fast-paced nature makes it difficult to keep up with the latest, greatest, and even slow burning innovations. But there are a handful of solutions that seem to stay top of the agenda, so we’ve rounded up four of the current favourites.

A man walking off into the distance on a phone screen
News - 17 May 2021

Technology is developing rapidly, changing how we live and work on an almost daily basis. In recent years, a myriad of smart technologies has shaped society and helped us simplify our lives. But it hasn’t been without cause for concern, with tech often cited as a culprit in many of the environmental and social challenges we face today. But in its defence, it also holds the key to a more sustainable future.

An image of a green heart on a wooden wall
News - 05 May 2021

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not easy to slow down. Ever-growing demands on our time and increasingly higher expectations from others and of ourselves take their toll. And while long days and crowded commutes might be distant memories for many, for some, they’ve been replaced with job insecurity, health worries and social isolation.

Gears in a lightbulb
News - 19 Apr 2021

Engineering is all about solving problems – at least it used to be. With our planet in rapid decline, engineers have a new role to play. Today, expectations go beyond problem-solving to delivering solutions that could quite literally save our planet.

Great British Pounds in coins and notes
News - 06 Apr 2021

The 2021 Budget prompted a mixed response as usual but putting restart and recovery at its core gave it a better chance of more businesses backing it.

Appuldurcombe House
News - 24 Mar 2021

Cultural heritage is central to our sense of identity. It forms a consistent, reassuring backdrop in a rapidly changing world, reminding us of our roots and retelling the story to future generations. And our heritage buildings and sites connect communities through housing, education, and engagement.

A woman welding in a workshop
News - 05 Mar 2021

The reality is that in the not-so-distant future, we'll be operating in a resource and carbon-constrained world, be that physically, economically, politically, or environmentally. It'll be game-changing. How manufacturing businesses behave now will likely determine the success or otherwise of their organisation and certainly dictate our planet's future.

Sustainability on the rise
News - 24 Feb 2021

Prioritising sustainability-driven innovation protects the planet, improves profitability, and opens up tax relief opportunities to innovate further. So why wouldn’t you? Smart organisations are increasingly realising that using their core business to deliver financial returns and ease the pressure on society’s most pressing problems positively impacts their short and longer-term value.