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News - 31 Mar 2020
COVID-19 and the Rise of Telehealth

A key lesson of the Covid-19 pandemic is that teleconferencing, remote presence and real-time information sharing are key support structures for navigating a social lockdown – and nowhere is this need more urgently felt than in the medical sector.

News - 09 Mar 2020
FinTech: the True Face of Innovation and Disruption

The FinTech sector's on a serious surge right now, with the number of UK firms already estimated at over 1,600 and set to double inside the decade. So, what's the big deal? How and why is FinTech shaking up the financial industry so hard? As we see so often these days, it's all a matter of innovation and disruption.

News - 20 Feb 2020
R&D: What's It Really Worth?

The accelerating drive toward greater efficiency and effectiveness – not to mention sustainability and ecological friendliness, is throwing an ever tighter spotlight on innovation with each passing year. We're paying closer, more results-minded attention to our R&D, treating it less as leap of faith and more as a finely calculated risk. Innovation, to be fair, is always a dice roll - but those dice can be loaded if you understand the rules of the game.

News - 12 Feb 2020
R&D Funding: Grants, Tax Credits or Both?

Innovating to make your business more efficient, effective and sustainable takes strong planning and solid funding. That means you need to look harder and further for finance options, and to understand exactly which of them fit you best.

News - 05 Feb 2020
A brief guide on IR35

IR35 is a piece of legislation that allows HMRC to assess whether a contractor is an employee or not. At the moment responsibility for determining whether IR35 applies sits with the contractor. This guide explains what is happening in April 2020 when the responsibility for determining whether IR35 applies will move from the contractor to the client if the client is a medium or large organisation.

News - 29 Jan 2020
You Snooze, You Lose - Inventors That Didn't Actually Invent What They're Famous For

It can be pretty annoying when someone else gets credit for your hard work, particularly when the fakers go down in the history books and become the ones best known for your invention.

News - 20 Jan 2020
2020: The Climate Change Deadline

When the report from UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came out in 2018, its conclusion was pretty stark. The only way to keep the effects of climate change manageable would be to cut our worldwide carbon emissions by half before 2030. While that deadline still seems a fairly long way off, investing in the future of the planet is like saving cash in a pension.

News - 08 Jan 2020
Building Toward Sustainability

The UK government has committed to a series of sustainability targets for itself in the 20/21 tax year. These include a reduction of 34% in carbon emissions, halving water consumption, cutting waste by 30% and recycling 75% of it. With 2020 representing a key crunch point for coordinated efforts to keep climate change under some kind of control, every sector is under pressure to work “greener

News - 03 Dec 2019
Value Engineering and R&D

The decisions you commit to at the outset of a project can dictate the entire course your project takes – along with the tools and resources you’ll have available to make it happen. Value Engineering uses innovative thinking to find the most efficient way to achieve your goals.