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At RIFT R&D, we pride ourselves on our partnerships. We set out to build relationships with the biggest names and brightest stars in every sector, working to put innovation at the forefront of business thinking across the UK.

The National Association of Shopfitters (NAS) is a perfect example of an organisation that drives the conversation for its sector. Founded in 1919 to represent and promote the shopfitting and interior contracting industry, the NAS has a century of diligence and determination under its belt, and stands recognized as a benchmark of quality and reliability.

As an innovative, continually developing sector, interior contracting thrives on new ideas, new processes and new thinking. The NAS is focused on the needs and interests of businesses throughout the UK, helping to build knowledge, develop skills and support projects through to completion. At the same time, it helps connect customers with the best services for their needs, ensuring a good fit for all concerned.

Key to all of this is the NAS’ goal of representing a single, trusted voice for the entire shopfitting and interior contracting industry. That respected voice is the critical in protecting and promoting the sector, delivering practical guidance to businesses, promoting fair trade and best practice and acting as a recognized channel of communication with the wider construction industry and government bodies. Professionalism, technical excellence and expertise are central NAS values – all of which we share whole-heartedly at RIFT.

Together, RIFT and the NAS will be working to ensure that the shopfitting and interior contracting sector is receiving the full benefit of its well established innovative stance. The R&D Tax Credits scheme is the largest and most valuable incentive and reward programme of its kind, but it’s far too often overlooked throughout all branches of the construction industry. Our joint goal is not only to make certain that the sector is aware that its projects, activities and expenditure can qualify for the scheme, but also to ensure that businesses get the very best from their claims. Shopfitting and interior contracting projects are frequently technically demanding and complex. It takes specialist expertise to translate them into optimised R&D claims. Together, RIFT and the NAS are unlocking the true value of innovation for UK business.