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If you think good customer service is a ‘nice to have’, think again! Delivering good customer service has been a central tenet of RIFT’s success from the start – and is the ethos that continues to set us apart. And not just in our industry either. 

The fact that we’re now winning awards for our customer service is just the icing on the cake.

All the best businesses understand the importance of delivering a great customer experience to the bottom line: satisfied customers come back for more, they recommend your business to other people, and they may even pay a premium to enjoy the kind of service only you can deliver.

Statistics suggest that the cost of keeping a customer is one tenth of the cost of finding a new one – and that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator.

So it’s never been more important to nurture good customer relationships.

Here at RIFT, we’ve made good customer service a fundamental element of what we do: make finance personal and let our customers know they aren’t a reference number or balance sheet entry. We are here to champion their cause and help them every step of the way in their journey to succeed.

The fact that we celebrated our fifteenth year in operation by winning public recognition for our commitment to customer service has made the anniversary a very special one. Back in June we claimed the Kent Excellence in Business Award for ‘Customer Service and Commitment'. The judging panel said that the award reflected our “unremitting drive for top notch customer service”.

And we’re thrilled to have been finalists for the ‘InMoment Customer Commitment Award’ in the renowned Institute of Customer Service (ICS) accolades 2016.

We have also recently achieved a World Class score for our customer service from the ICS and are currently working to attain the ICS Service Mark in 2016.

That’s all because, back in 1999, we saw an opportunity to help construction industry worker to reclaim their expenses. We also understood that these guys wanted and needed help with dealing with HMRC. So we built our team, processes and systems around them. We put in place easy ways for them to get in touch with us. We even went to them onsite. In fact, we still do. As the technology evolved, we invested in it, making it easy for our customers to find and talk to us online. And we continue to invest in our people – they are the face and voice of RIFT and deliver our service promise every single day.

Our investment in ensuring a great customer experience continues to pay off: making sure our customers come back to us again and again. Not only do they tell their friends and colleagues about us, but we reward them for that too with an excellent refer-a-friend scheme.

But we won’t rest on our laurels either. We’re always looking ahead, researching and reviewing to see what we’re doing well – and what we can do even better.

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