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Partnered for Excellence in Finance

Good news in these gloom and doom times: RIFT R&D Tax Credits are delighted to announce that they have joined forces with the financial planning wizards, Aegis.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Aegis Financial Planning offer a personalised and bespoke financial service, managing and building the wealth of private and corporate clients. Their Wealth Advisers each have over 20 years’ experience enabling them to cover all areas of financial planning including pensions, investments, tax, protection and mortgages.

Following recent events, many investors and business owners are wondering how they will be affected – or in many cases, when. In times like these it is even more important to have a dynamic financial plan and to be confident that investments are being handled fairly by specialists who make it their aim to get the very best deals for their clients, and, importantly, are able to protect them from economic downturns.

While RIFT and Aegis operate in different areas of the financial sector they are both firm believers in providing a personalised service; they recognise that the sector often overlooks the finer details, missing what actually matters to people in favour of impersonal number crunching.

Together they aim to provide the very best returns on investments, whether that is through Aegis’ financial expertise, ensuring fair value in their financial strategies, or as a return on the money spent on research and development projects through the R&D Tax Relief scheme.

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