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Some dead leaves next to a class globe with the light shining through it.
News - 11 Jun 2019

Parliament has laid out an impressive set of targets for its environmental policy over the next couple of years, aiming to: bring down carbon emissions by 34% and water consumption by 50%, lower the weight of waste materials created by 30%, recycle 75% of waste. These are pretty decent goals to aim for by 2020/21, but they’re only the beginning of the government’s ambitions.

People handing in their ideas
News - 28 May 2019
A microscope looking at the detail of a substance in a lab
News - 23 May 2019
£38.4 billion is the UK total R&D expenditure
News - 14 May 2019

The UK government’s set its sights on boosting R&D development throughout the country, with a fairly ambitious target of getting it as high as 2.4% of our Gross Domestic Product by the time we reach 2027, so let’s take a look at some of the key findings from the ONS report for 2019.

Constructing Excellence logo
News - 24 Apr 2019
Three builders taking a tea break on a UK construction site
News - 16 Apr 2019

A shocking 1,400 construction workers have taken their own lives in the last 4 years in the UK. Overall, suicides in construction outnumber fatal work accidents by 10 to 1. The industry is taking steps to make the modern construction workplace safer than ever before, but we’re having much less success in taking care of the people who use it.

A brainstorming session around a desk
News - 27 Mar 2019
Software being used for science
News - 12 Mar 2019

When the UK’s National Health Service turned 71 years old in 2019, it was already a full 5 years older than the average male life expectancy when it was founded back in 1948. Over those 7 decades, the service has seen an incredible, continuous shift in the whole field of cradle-to-grave medical care. Every year brings new approaches, new techniques and new treatments