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The Participants

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) is a powerful voice promoting the very real contributions of the construction industry to business, the economy and society as a whole. Along with our very own Head of Business Development Julie Barry, we were joined by:

  • Caroline Gumble - CEO at the Chartered Institute of Building.
  • Martin Buckthorpe - Managing Director at Westridge Construction.
  • Malcolm Clarke - Managing Director at Baxall Construction.
  • Peter Searle - Senior Consultant specialising in the construction industry.


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The CIOB and RIFT Webinar 6th November 2019

The Focus of the Webinar

The webinar centred on the benefits and intricacies of the R&D Tax Credits scheme. It took over 4 months of planning and preparation – along with no small amount of excitement – to put the event together, so it was amazing to see so many people from across the UK get involved so actively right from the very start.

We were bowled over by the number of great questions that came flooding in, covering everything from locking down best-practice record-keeping to maximising a claim. This was exactly what we’d been hoping for, and it was wonderful to be able to bust the biggest R&D Tax Credits myths and build both understanding of the scheme and relationships within the industry.

A recording of the full webinar can be accessed via the CIOB website and or you can read all the questions and answers from the day on our FAQ page.

The Objective of the Webinar

Our objectives for the webinar were very clear. The construction industry is one of the oldest, most essential and most fundamentally inventive sectors in the UK.

Innovation lies at its very heart, and so making the most of its best ideas needs to be a critical priority. Unfortunately, the reality is that only 4% of all R&D claims received by HMRC come from the building trade.

Even so, that tiny fraction of overall claims still amounts in to incredible amount of money being pumped back into businesses through the scheme. The rewards of innovation are definitely out there – even if the projects your R&D goes toward never bear fruit in themselves. Getting that message out, and acted upon effectively, is the key to our core goal at RIFT R&D: bringing those rewards in full to the UK construction industry.

It all starts with raising awareness, and the panel of industry experts we assembled in partnership with the CIOB were ideally suited to the task. Together, we were able to: present real, practical examples of R&D claims in action, debunking misconceptions about what could and couldn’t qualify for the scheme. At the same time, we were able to answer crucial questions and highlight the full benefits of making the claims you’re entitled to.

Every panel guest provided invaluable insight from their specialist fields, and we were thrilled to have such a broad range of voices, expertise and backgrounds to draw from. With so many questions, we inevitably couldn’t get through them all in the time we had, but we didn’t come so far just to leave people hanging. You can find answers to all the questions raised that we couldn’t get to on our FAQ page.

Once again, we’d like to thank our friends at the CIOB, as well as our panelists, for joining us and providing their valuable input.

Do you still have a question that’s not been answered? Feel free to email it to us at and we’ll get back to you!