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Manufacturing operative creating a new product.

Insight - 17 Jun 2020

The Challenge of Reopening Manufacturing

Manufacturing is looking to re-ignite itself but putting people to work potentially means putting them at risk, and employers in every industry are being forced to make difficult decisions about how to proceed. Manufacturing may be essential – but so is protecting a vulnerable workforce from a disease with neither a cure nor a vaccine on the visible horizon.

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A doctor using telehealth
Insight - 15 Apr 2020

Telehealth is still a young field, so it’ll be a while before we get a really clear sense of the long-term impact it’ll have on medical care in the UK. With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis driving the need for reduced face-to-face time in virtually every walk of life into sharp focus, however, we’re on a steep learning curve.

Fintech used everywhere in a city
Insight - 15 Mar 2020

Fintech is among the most energetic, rapidly growing of all the technology sectors. It's affecting how we spend, save, borrow and even define our money. The days of physical cash – and arguably physical cashiers – are numbered, and the very concept of currency itself is shifting and broadening.

A boy standing in front of many doors
Insight - 13 Feb 2020

Focusing on innovation isn’t about predicting the future. RIFT’s Director of R&D Sarah Collins discusses the full-blooded commitment to new ideas, approaches and expectations needed to build the future the UK deserves.

A robot giving a heart to a human
Insight - 12 Nov 2019

Across all industries, employers, workers and organisations are waking up to the impact mental health has on business. All told, figures from the Office for National Statistics show that around 141.5 million working days were lost to sickness in the UK in 2018. That’s almost 4.5 days for every worker in the country, up from 4.1 days the year before.

An introducer looking to find out more about RIFT R&D.
Insight - 30 Oct 2019

The R&D Tax Credits claims we’ve built have pumped literally tens of millions of pounds back into British companies so far. RIFT’s Head of R&D Sarah Collins takes you through our top 10 tips for making the most of your R&D claim.

Using drones on constriction site
Insight - 30 Oct 2019

Innovation is one of the key principles that underlie the UK construction industry. Being willing and able to innovate means getting more from your projects than you otherwise would. With the cost of construction rising around the UK and knowledge leaving the industry through an ageing workforce, the construction sector must find a way to put innovation at its heart again if it’s going to thrive.

Empty plastic waste bottles
Insight - 17 Sep 2019

With the state of the environment very much on people’s minds these days, we’re all starting to think a lot harder about what we’re throwing away. That goes for more than just individual consumers, naturally. Entire industries are rethinking their approach to waste and sustainability, and it’s beginning to have an effect.

The use of drones on farmers fields show the advance of agritech
Insight - 20 Aug 2019

Agriculture is one of the oldest and most critical industries in existence. It’s no exaggeration to say that our lives literally depend on it. With current estimates suggesting the global population’s set to hit 9.7 billion over the next 30 years or so, agricultural technology is, by necessity, constantly pushing for new and innovative tools, methods and approaches.

Some dead leaves next to a class globe with the light shining through it.
Insight - 11 Jun 2019

Parliament has laid out an impressive set of targets for its environmental policy over the next couple of years, aiming to: bring down carbon emissions by 34% and water consumption by 50%, lower the weight of waste materials created by 30%, recycle 75% of waste. These are pretty decent goals to aim for by 2020/21, but they’re only the beginning of the government’s ambitions.